Client Testimonials

“Taylor was fantastic to work with. He advocated for me in a personal injury claim. He was always available to answer any questions I had. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for professional legal consultation/representation.”

“Taylor represented me in a misdemeanor criminal case, got my charges dropped and saved me money on fees. Great representation for a great price.”

 “Attorney Hastings once again proved why he has earned my business for the long haul! After helping me rework essential paperwork for my small business a year ago, I was unsure if I should contact him for a personal traffic matter. Turns out he does it all. Attorney Hastings told me what to expect during our conversation, thoroughly covered the different outcomes/possibilities and handled my case like a pro. I'm extremely happy I looked to him first and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you again, Attorney H!”

 “Everything about my experience with Taylor was top notch. I contacted a couple others before him, but Taylor stood out with his great communication and knowledge about my case. It was nice dealing directly with him rather than an assistant, and he would be in contact within minutes. He was also very knowledgeable about my case, and was able to get the best outcome for me. All of the stress was relieved after hiring him.

I highly recommend giving Taylor a call; it will be worth your while!”

 “Mr. Hastings worked efficiently with my case and obtained an extremely favorable outcome. He was very helpful with explaining every step and was very accessible during normal business hours. He definitely earned my recommendation in the time he represented me.”

“We hired Mr. Hastings to represent us and throughout the process we have had no regrets in doing so. 
From our initial consultation he has been consistent, driven, and on point with giving us superb legal representation throughout. 
Not only is he a brilliant lawyer, but he also cares about his clients, and their legality issues they are facing. 
Mr. Hastings and his staff’s communication is up and beyond of what you will typically receive from a law office. 
His law firm cares about the best possible outcome for their clients of which they follow through and deliver on. 
Going through a legal process is nerve-racking to begin with, and if your legal issues are anything remotely personal or sensitive in nature to you, without a doubt, you would truly benefit having Mr. Hastings and his team on your side. Not only do you get the top quality representation you’re needing but you also get treated like you matter.”

“Attorney Hastings reworked our security contracts to aid us in competing within the cutting-edge, technological world of residential and commercial security. I highly recommend his services. He is knowledgeable about the law and worked extremely hard; however, I was most impressed by the way he took the time to ask specific questions about what we do. His knowledge, research into our industry and clear communication came together in a fantastic final product. Thanks again for all of the hard work!”

“Taylor Hastings was extremely helpful to me in handling a minor but complex landlord/tenant legal issue. He was very courteous, trustworthy and informative. He worked very hard on my issue and maintained communication with me every step of the way. I am very pleased with the positive outcome that Taylor was able to achieve on my case!”

“Taylor was extremely helpful walking me through the entire process regarding my first speeding ticket. Although such a thing is likely paltry in comparison to many issues that he must take care of, he never made me feel that way. No matter my question or worry he was quick to respond (within minutes) and ensure me that all would be taken care of. For a first experience with a lawyer in general, I feel very lucky to have made the decision to go with Hastings Law, and I would highly recommend him to anyone for any issue.”

“Taylor proved to be by far the best attorney I have worked with. He was incredible when it came to easing my concerns and getting me the outcome I was hoping for in regards to 3 charges. Taylor was very flexible and available to communicate every time I was in need. It was evident that he had a wealth of experience and knowledge about the subjects that surrounded my case. Best of all Taylor had reasonable fees and good rapport. Highly recommended.”

“Taylor made my court process quick and much less stressful. He is incredibly intelligent and personable, which helped me feel confident through the proceedings. I highly recommend his services!”

“Attorney Hastings was very through and diligent in reviewing some of my business' legal wording and concepts for our company contracts and service work agreements. These had not been reviewed in a number of years and he was very helpful in getting things done accurately with quick turnaround time. We initially discussed some broad issues together, then Attorney Hastings was able to explain the changes he made in detail to me once he was finished reviewing and editing them. I recommend him very highly and will be using his services in the future!”

“As a resident of another state, I got an excessive speeding ticket in Warren County, NC. I was clocked at 86 in a 55 (thought I was on the interstate). I could not just pay the fine and had to either show up in court or be represented. With a demanding job in DC, I chose to find representation. Fearful of major hits to my licence and insurance, I was shocked to find Taylor got it reduced to speeding 9 miles over 55. 
He informed me of options, pricing, and details every step of the way and was responsive to any questions I had.”


Taylor was extremely helpful at navigating through contract law - and providing a strong legal foundation for our startup.”

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