Criminal Defense

Injury to Property 

Injury to another's real or personal property can lead to misdemeanor offenses that will forever remain on a criminal record if convicted. Attorney Hastings has experience working on behalf of his clients pre-charge, after the charge, and during trial to minimizes the potential for a conviction. Such fervent representation includes negotiating with all persons involved, including the victims of the case who will have considerable power in deciding whether or not to go through with the charges. Attorney Hastings is aware that it is in those crucial moments and shortly after that a criminal defendant has a great chance to avoid some of the more lasting consequences associated with a misdemeanor conviction. 

Drug and Alcohol Charges

It can feel like the end of the world when police catch and charge you with an alcohol or drug related charge, whether while operating a vehicle or consuming underage. It's not. There are several options available in your defense that can limit your exposure and ensure the charge does not derail your future aspirations. Attorney Hastings will explore all of those options available in your defense - and in a swift manner, because he knows how important finality is in these types of matters.

Driving While Impaired

Operating a motor vehicle while impaired is a serious offense and could carry significant consequences, including jail time. Hastings Law & Counsel can represent you with all of your rights in mind to get you back on the road and safely driving again after the charge. You have several pre-trial options available that can limit the burden a DWI charge can impose. Attorney Hastings will leave no stone unturned when evaluating the options in your defense. 

Cybercrimes: Bullying, Stalking, Sexting, and Texting 

Cybercrimes are becoming an increasingly important aspect of criminal law in North Carolina. As technology becomes evermore sophisticated, it is vitally important for young adults - whether in middle school, high school, or college - to know their rights online. It's also important for them to understand when to ask for help. Attorney Hastings has experience working on both sides to defend and protect online rights for teens and college students in North Carolina.