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Start-up Assistance

Attorney Hastings grew up in Chapel Hill and loves to see new businesses, corporations, companies, partnerships, and non-profits sprout up that celebrate the rich innovation we have come to expect in the community. He has experience in securing your legal rights and drafting agreements that set your entity up for success in the future. His entrepreneurial spirit is what contributed to him founding this law firm, and he will represent your entity with the level attention he knows it deserves from having done the same thing himself.

Joey McMahon, founder of The Monday Life, a non-profit organization that improves the daily lives of hospitalized children, said this about his knowledge of contract and entity law. 

"Taylor was extremely helpful at navigating through contract law - and providing a strong legal foundation for our startup."  

Drafting the Right Agreement


NDA: An NDA is a nondisclosure agreement. HL&C can draft and review these for you. NDAs enable you to share sensitive information without fear that the person will use the information to your detriment. They are useful for when startups begin their business and seek investors. They are useful for when employers want to begin the process of selecting candidates for employment. It allows for the ability to share information safely and securely to prevent possible litigation down the road. We can draft these for you and allow you to proceed in confidence. We can also review the agreements to ensure they comport with the law.

Privacy and Terms of Use Agreements: In addition, HL&C can draft and review privacy and terms of use agreements for your website or product. These agreements set the framework for how people can use and share the content on your website. We can integrate the agreements such that they can be easily added to your website prior to a person's entry on a specific page you want protected. Please don't hesitate to contact us about all of these potential options.

Landlord/Tenant Agreements: HL&C has experience with the review and drafting of commercial and residential lease agreements for both tenants and landlords. North Carolina has property laws unique to the rest of the country, so please make sure to have a professional review the contents of an agreement or draft the agreement on your behalf to ensure the provisions match with what's allowed under North Carolina law. Otherwise, default rules might apply with burdensome demands. We can mitigate that risk before it even materializes.