Hastings Law & Counsel, PLLC is a professional organization registered with the Secretary of State of North Carolina and the North Carolina State Bar. Its owner and founder, Attorney Taylor Smith Hastings, grew up in Durham and Chapel Hill; and for that reason, he aims to never lose sight of the pressing legal and financial needs of the community. The law firm's mission is to provide high quality legal representation with affordable payment options for the times when law meets life. We gear our services to help clients navigate the law free from any undue stress or cost: we offer online payments, a suite of law firm applications accessible on your mobile device, and virtual law office meetings, all of which facilitate productive and effective representation. Most of all, though, we will listen first and talk second. We understand that loyal, dedicated, and fervent representation begins and ends with the person, so we strive to get to know our clients and all of their concerns. Please call us at 919-913-4701 and continue browsing our website for more information.