UNC hosts Parkland students in Rally for our Lives

Ten years have passed since the last time I heard someone speak to the Carolina community from the steps of the South Building. Then-Chancellor Moeser somehow summoned the strength to inform students and faculty gathered around that law enforcement made a positive identification of the person shot and killed the previous morning. It was Eve Carson, our Student Body President.

While I cannot imagine the heartbreak she would feel knowing the reason that brought Sarah Chadwick and Jaclyn Corin to those same steps 10 years later, the solemn courage these high-school women continue to show in response to more horrific gun violence must make her proud beyond words looking down on the place she loved so much. There was something about their energy, an intimate and infectious spirit like Eve's, that brings so many to believe the tide is turning in the right direction.

No one elects anyone to think and pray. Those are things done in private. It is reductive to the hallowed halls of this nation's great discourse to pretend there is a reasonable counterargument to their tragically simple message: no child should learn in fear of being shot to death in a civil society. Act now or resign. It shouldn't even require anyone to vote you out. Your time is up.

Taylor HastingsComment